Change Management

Change management refers to the set of activities necessary to ensure acceptance and support for the program and its results at both organizational and human level. The existence of a formal change management plan results in increased Return On Investment (ROI), reduced risks associated with any large-scale program and supports those involved in obtaining benefits for which the program was created.
Change approach: Similar with the levels explained in Program governance, we need a two-tier management structure to carry out Change Management activities. A Program needs a board of senior management to meet once a month or at major phases, with the responsibility to review the activities, take decisions and allocate resources to implement change. This can be the Steering Committee. The second level is the Change Management team, whose roles are:
ü  Define the risks and problems that could slow down or endanger implementation and recommend strategies for their elimination, with particular emphasis on organizational and human factors;
ü  Carry out activities to disseminate information and training to raise the knowledge and skills that will be necessary after the adoption of program results;
ü  Prepare personalized plans for top managers and employees affected by the change, which contain presentations of the new business processes and their impact on how operations are carried out routinely;
ü  Recommend strategies to minimize the impact, additional effort or difficulties in ongoing business after the change;
ü  Encourage greater involvement of the sponsors and top managers in the program;
ü  Establish a support system and help those in difficulty after the implementation of program results;
ü  Disseminate and communicate the anticipated benefits continued to ensure acceptance, enthusiasm, performance and to support those affected;
ü  Recommend the necessary organizational changes, including hierarchical and human resources (performance assessment, compensation, benefits, rewards);
Analyze together with those involved and recommend changes in the hierarchical structure, policies, procedures and job descriptions amended in accordance with the changes.

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