Fiscal Year End

This is my first fiscal year end as a manager, P&L owner. There are some interesting things happening at the fiscal year end, and I quote top 3:

- as the moment when the financials results are announced is getting close, one can see the Agile concept of time-boxing validated (or the equivalent 'student syndrome' as they call it in software development). A lot of contracts are signed and huge amount of effort is spent for closing as much business as possible in December. I agree this pace is not sustainable for the entire year, but what is it about human nature that does not allow us to have a sweeter life by working at a faster pace during the year?

- money remain the strongest motivator. I don't care what the motivational books say, Jack Welch was right, people care a lot about money.

- ending the fiscal year in May - for instance - is a good idea. Ending the fiscal year in December adds to the sesonality of the IT industry, which results in pressure from two sources.

However, I enjoy this FTL speed, so no complains here.

FTL = Faster Than Light