Top 3 project success factors

Interesting question posted on Linked In (with mostly boring, by the book answers..).

Which are, in your experience, top 3 project success factors?

My top 3 on this (it might sound surprising):

- Time boxing: All minds, including the customer's, need one common and simple goal in order to work through the complex aspects of the project. That is the deadline, that has to be frequent and non negociable. Plus there is no better scope management such as fixed deadlines with consequences if they are passed by.

- Prepare and embrace change: It will happen anyway, so better make friends with the situation. Choose people that have multiple talents, cover multiple domains with fewer people, choose people with a can-do attitude and will to succeed. Have an organization that is flexible to customer demands and can feed the project with resources when change occurs. It's not that expensive, it only takes more time to put things in place.

- Sponsor involvement: This had been discussed by many colleagues, so I will not dwell into that.

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