Three valuable PM Day Ideas

Here are three valuable ideas from the Romanian PMDay event, that took place May 26, 2010 in Bucharest:

1. SCRUM: I was familiar with SCRUM before and I have partially apply it; anyway this presentation was a good reminder that I lost sight of the benefits of Agile. I decided to be more active about bringing Agile in the organization I work for, as I did with my previous employer. (Stephen Forte, Scrum Master)

Here is a nice picture of Agile vs Waterfall, coauthored by myself and my former colleague Dorian (thanks!):

2. Fresh blood is not sufficient to bring change in the organization. Nor is sufficient for those that adopted old habits to get out of the way, "they must die". Touche! (Velimir Srica)

3. It appears that I and the Croatian collegue Velimir also agree on a number of other things: "Hire people with attitude" (my Linked In profile was saying a couple of days ago "Honoria is hiring a Project Manager with attitude"); and "if I get three valuable ideas from a presentation, and as knowledge accumulates maybe even one, I am happy". Herethey are: three valuable ideas from PMday.


PMO Mantra

De curand, m-a intrebat lumea: Si cam cu ce va ocupati voi acolo la PMO?

Asa ca am creat "PMO Mantra" noastra:

The role of the Project Management Office is to supervise all Project Management activities and to ensure standardization and predictability in the way projects are run. Standardization is ensured through Project Management Methodology, and predictability is ensured via consistent processes such as revenue forecast, project progress reporting and portfolio reporting.

For the PMO, the cross-departamental lines are transparent, and the decisions in the projects are correlated at the portfolio level, rather then having silo decisions. For the top management, the PMO ensures better capacity planning and quick access to project-related information. We are the single point of accountability for the projects in our portfolio.