Proiectele de IT devin din ce in ce mai mici

E un trend pe care l-am observat de ceva vreme, si am gasit pe un blog de Agile cateva argumente care sustin ceea ce cred eu, desi din alta perspectiva. Blogul citat argumenteaza ca exista motive de business care stau la baza riscurilor asociate cu proiectele mari; eu spun ca aceleasi motive de business au modificat piata de IT&C si au facut proiectele mari (sa zicem de peste 1000 de man days efort) foarte rare in comparatie cu anul 2000.

Iata argumentele:

"The business changes and the rates of business change are accelerating as companies compete in an increasingly global market. Companies now need to innovate and evolve faster than ever before as they face competition from around the world. Teams would need near clairvoyant abilities to anticipate the true business requirements two years down the line in many industries. [..]

People change their jobs and their minds. What was the current CIO’s priority project could be thought of as a waste of resources to the next CIO. Or even last year’s pet project could be superseded by something new by the same sponsors. Likewise priorities are not static and people change their minds about ideas as the business and industry moves along. Team members move on too, a project of two years or more is likely to see a fair percentage of original team replaced over the project lifetime.[..]"

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